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Chandler Island, Maine! 

Have you always dreamed of owning your own Atlantic seashore island?
Now your dream could come true: Chandler Island is offered for sale.


Located in picturesque Wohoa Bay, Maine, 30 miles east of Acadia National Park,
70 miles southeast from Bangor and 230 boat miles northeast of Boston MA is quaint Chandler Island.

It is one of the smaller Maine islands at "an acre more or less" (according to the deed).
Which means at low tide it is a lot more, while the high tide area is only about half an acre: the size of an average suburban yard.

The island is nestled protected in the bay, but does have line-of-sight of the open ocean. The 12-foot gazebo was removed, for sale is just the bare island.

island in art

Due to its beautiful setting, Chandler Island (left) is also a favorite subject for local artists, above captured by painter Nina Jerome.


The island can be reached by boat at all times, docking between main and sandy- beach island, and even by foot at very low tide, when the water is only waist-deep.


The photo above shows the main island with the gazebo at mid-tide.

The tide rises 10 to 18 feet.